Sally Bollywood is a French-Australian American Show That Debuted On October 26th, 2009 And Made It's Last Debuted On December 18th, 2013, It Originally Aired On France 3 (France), Seven Network, And 7 Two.


Originally Aired:
Seasons: Episodes: First Aired: Last Aired:
1 15  May 7th, 2017 September 3th, 2017
2 January 7th, 2018 March 25th, 2018

Season 1 (2017) Edit

  • 1: "Broken Glass"
  • Sally And Doowee Gets A Case on a Office that's completely ransacked, but they come up with a clever trick to try to catch elusive suspect on the crime.
  • 2: "Johnny Whirlfield The Number One Suspect On The Run"
  • Sally And Doowee gets Involved In A Cat and mouse Chase before attempting Charge The Suspect For Vandalism And Ransacking a office area.
  • 3: "An Endangered Distraction"
  • The S.B.I. Gets an ultimitum while on the chase-down for "Johnny Whirlfield" when a hit and run purposely leaves a little boy dead on arrival.
  • 4: "My Mind Is Mixed Up"
  • Johnny Whirlfield is caught and arrested On Traffic violations, meanwhile, The S.B.I still have to solve a hit and run death of little boy, and gets tied and mixed when they recieve multiple cases.
  • 5: "Getting Cases Solved In One Peace"
  • Sally And Doowee Tries to Get Multiple Cases they recieved solved in one time.
  • 6: "A Girl's In Trouble"
  • The S.B.I. Gets troubling news when a exchange student comes foward with frighting information on a Buglary case.
  • 7: "A Family Is All What Matters"
  • The S.B.I. Has been taken on an anonymous turn when a 15 year old tries to abandon hersef and her life and even committing suicide.
  • 8: "The Big Birthday Surprise"
  • 9: "Dysfunctional Problems"
  • 10: "Doctor Dead In The Morning"
  • 11: "An Student With Manipulation-Ness"
  • 12: "Waiting On The Hit And Run Results"
  • 13: "Tattoo Lover"
  • 14: "Money Dispute/ A Total Fallout From A High Leveled Loser
  • 15; "No More Playing Games"

Season 2 (2018)Edit

In Season 2, Some Of the crimes In "Sally Bollywood" will be getting a little scary and like a real life investigation with bloody contents and others, note: please do take it offended, and too seriously, 

  • 1: "Something's Wrong With Our New Next-Door Neighboor"
  • 2: "Abandoned By The Bombay's Bayou"
  • 3: "You Will Be Sorry For This"
  • 4: "Ernest's Trust And Will"
  • 5: "Child Support"
  • 6: "Cold Memories"
  • 7: "Our Deadly 50th Annerverisary"
  • 8: "Darkest Cases"
  • 9: "Escape From The Dentist"
  • 10: "An Multi-Homicide Case"
  • 11: "Saint John Parish's Suspicious Waterway"
  • 12: "Bolo"